Harvest of the Month

Encouraging Adventurous Eaters

When you enroll your child here at Adventures, we form a partnership with you and make a promise to provide the same consistent, quality care that you would give your own child. One of our goals has always been to support your child’s desire to be a life-long learner and where better to start then giving your child the opportunity to develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime!

Each month there will be a “Harvest of the Month” which spotlights a vegetable or fruit. Our new menu incorporates the Michigan’s Harvest Schedule (farm fresh produce that is available to us throughout the seasons). While creating our menu, we discovered that it will not be completely possible or practical for us to source all of our ingredients locally since we have that lovely thing called winter. However, we believe it’s important to do as much as we can!

Our teachers are responsible for the amazing activities that your child will participate in on a daily basis. Every week your child will be involved in a cooking activity, from making their own snacks, measuring, exploring the sensory tables and taste testing! Our new “Harvest of the Month” menu also will guide our teachers to incorporate cooking activities that will introduce your child to a wide variety of vegetables and fruits and will encourage them to develop healthy eating habits.