Communication and Family Involvement

Adventures Learning Centers of Michigan is pleased and proud that you have chosen us to help you with the care and education of your child while you are working or attending to other responsibilities. We hope to form a partnership with you that provides the same consistent, quality daycare that you would give your child. We believe good communication is the ultimate key to form this partnership. We feel good communication is:

Create trust by always being honest with your child’s teacher; expect and require complete honesty in return.
Give your teacher ample advance notice of events in your child’s life or changes in your need for care.
Respect your child’s teacher as a person and treat them as a professional. Your child’s teacher should respect your role as final authority for your child.
Written Communication
This is very helpful for us all. Written records, health appraisals, vacation days, emergency numbers, daily sheets, tuition questions, schedule changes, etc. We promise to keep you informed in a timely fashion.
Written communication is important but remember to touch base verbally at the beginning and the end of each day with your child’s teacher. This is the foundation that builds the relationship with your child’s teacher.

Adventures Six Positive Messageshandsandheart

  • “This is a good place to be.”
  • “You belong here.”
  • “This is a place you can trust.”
  • “There are places where you can be by yourself when you want to be.”
  • “You can do many things on your own here.”
  • “This is a safe place to explore and try your ideas.”