Early Explorations

Wobblers/Waddlers (8+ months)

In the Wobbler & Waddler Rooms, they begin working on transitioning into the Orange Room (young toddler room). They begin eating off of our menu, drinking from a sippy cup, taking one nap a day and walking steadily on their own. Teachers work closely with the parents on all transitions making sure that this transition is as smooth as possible. We understand all children develop at their own pace, so transitioning may take longer for some.

Our Wobbler & Waddler to teacher ratio is 1 teacher to 4 children. Each teacher is responsible for 4 children and will become their Primary Care Teacher. The purpose of Primary Care Teachers is to ensure that each child’s needs for intimacy and safety are met thereby fostering trust in adults and enhancing the positive emotional and social development of the child. Our Wobbler & Waddler teachers work together as a team to make sure all of the children in their classrooms needs are being met promptly.

Each day a daily sheet will be sent home that documents all of the child’s feedings, diaper changes, napping times, and activities. Activities include many different opportunities that lead to new experiences and adventures which will foster motor, cognitive, language and social development.

Adventures Learning Centers curriculum is a combination of the best early childhood practices using multisensory activities to inspire adventure!  Our curriculum includes, The Creative Curriculum®, the Baby Sign® program, the Zoo-phonics® program, the Get Set for School® by Handwriting Without Tears® program and the Spanish Program Trampoline™ for Young Minds.