Stepping Stones to Kindergarten

Pre-Kindergarten (4 years – young 5’s)

Our teachers, along with our curriculum, enhance the independence of the children with respect to the readiness of each child. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that they have a solid foundation to begin their bigger adventure to kindergarten!

These stepping stones before kindergarten will introduce activities and experiences that will ensure your child will make a successful transition to kindergarten.

What does Kindergarten Readiness mean? Does it mean, counting to 10, saying the alphabet, writing his/her name and identifying shapes and colors? Yes, these things could mean your child is ready for kindergarten. But Kindergarten Readiness means so much more!

When you enroll your child at Adventures Learning Centers, our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs begin to prepare them for this crucial day. The journey down the road to kindergarten is full of adventures, exploration, new discoveries, investigations, problem solving and curiosity! While there is no perfect formula to determine if your child is truly ready for Kindergarten, there are multiple ways we help you prepare your child. Every year, we contact local kindergarten teachers to revise our Kindergarten Readiness checklist to ensure we are updating expectations.

The Pre-Kindergarten classrooms have specific schedules and daily routines that are followed. Parents can find schedules, lesson plans and newsletters posted on the Parent Board in each classroom. Daily schedules include meals, circle times, art projects, story times, learning centers, center time and outdoor time. Children are given opportunities to make choices in an environment that is safe and comfortable. Choices enable children to exercise their autonomous tendencies, to learn from self imposed consequences and to get to know the world as a place of alternatives and choices.

Adventures Learning Centers curriculum is a combination of the best early childhood practices using multisensory activities to inspire adventure!  Our curriculum includes, The Creative Curriculum®, the Baby Sign® program, the Zoo-phonics® program, the Get Set for School® by Handwriting Without Tears® program and the Spanish Program Trampoline™ for Young Minds.